It’s been way too long since I last wrote anything remotely blog-ish. And I’ve always been the type to express myself this way. From old-school journals to Multiply to Tumblr. I guess I got too busy? Five years of college (don’t. ask. why.) and now I even started working. My career path is something I’m passionate about, but along with it comes the stress of being dependent on it somehow. Not like how chill and relaxed writing is for me.

Whenever I get asked to say something unique about myself during interviews, I always answer this way: “Writing is my first love, but I chose not to go for a career in it because I realized that if I depend on it for a living, or basically regard it as work, I’d fall out of love with it. So I decided that I’m going to pursue some other thing, and retain writing as my escape from the stress I’d get from that other career.”

What exactly is that other career?

I went through a series of indecision and failures before I found the career I’m “made” for. This is why it took me five – instead of the usual 4 – years in college. So, after all the shifting of courses and bad grades and terror profs, I finally graduated this June with a degree in Tourism. Yep. Kinda why I decided that one of the main topics this blog will revolve around is travel.

I love to travel, but I don’t get to do it as much as I’d want to. But… I do have several past trips to share here! Here’s a little preview:

I’ll start with the least recent trip I had. Watch out for my next post! For now, I’ll get some sleep because my girl would kill me. Bye!

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